Building Solar Panels – Welcome

August 27, 2009

Welcome to my new site dedicated to building photovoltaic solar panels and systems.

This site will be targeted to all of you DIY enthusiasts who want to build PV systems on a budget.

To get everyone started, I’ve created a page on how to build a simple 18V, 60W solar panel. This Basic Solar Panel Design is the same design featured in many of the “How To” manuals for sale on the web. Some of these manuals can cost upwards of $50.00. I present the same information here for free.

While the panel should provide reliable service for a few good years, it should not be considered a lifetime solution to your solar power needs. A true 25 year panel is a totally sealed design that uses special materials that are generally only found in the panels produced by the big panel manufacturers. I plan to build a sealed panel using similar techniques soon and, when I do, I will publish the plans here on this site.

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