Finding a Solar Panel Supplier

May 11, 2010

Not every solar panel enthusiast wants to make their own solar panel. So where would a prospective solar panel buyer go to find a reputable solar panel supplier?

There are a multitude of solar panel manufacturers. Approximately 2 dozen qualify as top-notch in terms of design, quality and warranty support. However, very few distribute the panels directly. This is where the authorized solar panel supplier or solar panel vendor steps in.

Here is a list of 20 top solar panel suppliers in the U.S. Many of them supply only the best panels available while some will supply a mix of the best panels and the high volume, mid-grade, Chinese panels that are everywhere on the market now.

Affordable Solar
Alt E Store
Alter Systems
Aten Solar
Backwoods Solar
Beyond Oil Solar
Discount Solar
Eco Distributing
Event Horizon
Green Eco Savers
Mr Solar
Solar Panel Store
SolarMax Direct
Sun Electronics
The Solar Biz
Wholesale Solar

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