Marine Solar Panels – Solar Power on the Water.

March 8, 2011

Marine solar panels are an easy way to get free power aboard a boat, plus they don’t need to be excessively big or costly. They are made for recreational as well as commercial boats and supply a renewable and safe supply of energy. Marine quality solar panels together with batteries, plus a power inverter, silently supply electrical power for most marine power requirements.


Marine solar panels are employed to produce a back-up electric power source that will charge batteries as well as power essential and non-essential systems. They are not intended to substitute for the generator, but rather operate in parallel and power important electrical items which most boats carry these days. After they’ve charged the batteries, the power may be used to operate most 12 volt DC devices. Some of these may include things like safety lighting, standard lights, pumping systems as well as fans, and smaller gadgets. They are great for fishing vessels where boats are often filled with numerous electronic devices including radios, GPS navigation, Depth Finders Tracking Devices and Lights.

Marine solar panels can be purchased in both rigid and flexible styles. They are manufactured using marine quality hardware and so are suitable for salt conditions. Rigid marine quality solar panels are frequently utilized in off-shore marine systems where they usually are set for several years with little routine maintenance. Fundamentally, marine solar panels have similar uses to standard solar panels, however they possess the added advantage of delivering a vital auxiliary energy supply in an extreme environment where electrical power is normally entirely restricted to what you are able to carry.

Marine solar panels must not be left in the shade because the shaded cells drain the power from the other adjacent cells. They should be installed in a location that has the most sunlight taking into consideration having the ability to position the panels as the boat shifts direction.

As discussed, marine solar panels provide a free power alternative, which makes life quite a bit easier while hanging around on the water or perhaps at anchor at a desired remote mooring location. They can be purchased in numerous styles and sizes allowing them to be set up in many places. They are ideal for sustaining watercraft batteries kept in storage in addition to extending time on the water. Marine solar panels provide the boat operator added security in addition to being a noiseless operating system.

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