Solar Powered Homes – An Investment in the Future

March 8, 2011

Solar powered homes were once considered to be associated with alternative lifestyles limited to hippies and die hard environmentalists.  They are lately turning out to be quite popular around the globe due to the increasing costs associated with energy plus the heightened understanding of our impact upon the global environment.  Solar powered homes happen to be…


an excellent replacement for traditional grid-only powered homes because they not only reduce energy expenses but, in addition, do not pollute the environment.  They are actually entering the popular mainstream and environmental considerations, as well as spending less in the long term, push a great many to change to solar powered homes.

Homes that run on solar power are usually only successful in locations that receive a lot of sunlight.  For instance, although parts of the North East US do have solar panel systems on homes and buildings, they have a tendency to stay on the power grid because the winter months will see several days devoid of the kind of direct sun necessary for solar power.

While many remote homes exclusively use solar panel systems with a battery backup, most semi-urban and urban homes use systems that are tied to the electrical grid. Grid tied system have the advantage that excess power from the solar system can be fed back into the grid and used by the utility company, and when the sun is not shining the home can use power directly from the grid. If the home generates more power than it uses, then the homeowner can receive a check from the utility company for the excess power fed into the grid.

Worthwhile considering before making an investment in solar powered homes is the consideration regarding how much time you plan on living in your home.  Based upon the design choice, as well as available Federal Tax Credits and state concessions, you should anticipate a complete return on investment within 5 to 15 years. However, if you were to sell your home early, several studies suggest that solar powered homes outsell conventionally powered homes, and that buyers are usually prepared to pay considerably more for environmentally friendly, solar homes.  In fact, it is expected that in the next decade or so solar powered homes will likely become a standard in residential design.

Working with the increasing marketplace demand for solar powered homes, you can now explore a broad assortment of solar projects.  Along with rising energy costs as well as worries over the environmental effect associated with using traditional fuels, solar powered homes are growing to be much more popular each year.

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